How It All Ends

A science teacher tries to bridge the gap between the scientific agreement and the popular debate on global climate change. Halfway between being a Joe Schmoe and a scientist, wonderingmind42 gives a risk assessment view of climate change for the lay person, arriving at the “undeniable” conclusion that taking immediate and significant action to combat global climate change provides the best “expected value” for our future.

This video is actually just the tip of the argument. At the same time, it both encapsulates the basics of the argument, and points to an index of an “Expansion Pack” of videos providing hours of backup material expanding and justifying the basic argument presented here.

If the video here is choppy, try viewing it directly on YouTube:


Trailer–“How It All Ends”

Trailer for the upcoming tour-de-force: an overly thorough analysis of the debate on climate change, shifting the point of view from scientific debate to a discussion of risk assessment. One lynchpin video holding the whole argument together is backed up by hours of “Expansion Pack” videos anticipating and answering every possible objection or question, indexed for accessibility.

The whole project–full lynchpin video (titled “How It All Ends”) and 12 Expansion Pack videos–will be up Thursday, October 11.

Watch for it!

The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See

The precursor video to the current “How It All Ends” project.  Posted in the Spring of 2007, it garnered over a million views, and 6000+ comments.  The bruising debate identified weak points in the argument, which have been patched, leading to the hours of “Expansion Pack” videos backing up the current “How It All Ends.”